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May 5 09 8:21 PM

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I have an oil leak and it's hard to tell where it's coming from. It's all over the place when i look from the bottom of the car.

Some things to note. My oil drain plug does not have a gasket, does it need a gasket? Also, the oil drain plug bolt is all bent and crooked (the circular part).

That's possibly the source of the leak.

What are some other ideas as to where it could be coming from? It's definately not coming through the valve cover gasket.
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nerd racing

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May 5 09 11:14 PM

is it getting into the belts and spraying up onto the hood? It could be front crank seal, oil pump seal, or the oil pan seal.

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May 6 09 7:49 PM

QUOTE (nerd racing @ May 05, 2009 11:14 pm)
is it getting into the belts and spraying up onto the hood? It could be front crank seal, oil pump seal, or the oil pan seal.

No not going that far, it's not a bad leak. It's an annoyance and then usually runs out of oil about 500km before i need to change the oil filter, so i need to throw in more oil.

I'll have a look this weekend and try to get a pic of the drain plug. It may be the oil pan seal!

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May 7 09 3:18 AM

my valve cover gasket was leaking and made the whole front of the engine oily. i replaced it and cleaned up the engine and found out last night that the oil pan gasket is also leaking.

your drain plug needs to have a nylon or copper (best) washer on it. ideally, it should be replaced everytime you change the oil/remove the plug.

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May 15 09 8:44 PM

He you can see the oil plug, quit crooked and bent. But i don't know if oil is coming from there.
user posted image

After looking for a long time it's probably the oil pan gasket.

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May 16 09 7:28 PM

QUOTE (bill190 @ May 06, 2009 09:44 am)
Try cleaning the engine, then see where it is coming from.

Bill190 is absolutely right, This is the right way to approach this, because yet another place you can get oil leaking from, is it the pressure sensor switch, on the block, from above that drain plug!

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May 26 09 6:27 AM

Ok clearly my drain plug has issues. I'll get a new one next oil filter change.

But i believe i've also found the source of another leak. If you can see the pic below, between these two pieces there is oil oozing. I'd wipe it away and see a bit more ooze through. The drops under the car are definitely lining up with this. Is this the oil pump?

user posted image

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