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Jul 3 11 6:31 PM

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Hi everyone,

Where I live is actually pretty cold. My car is like mos of the time running too cold. Only on some traffic jams I can see my gauge going up to kind of the middle. But doing some highway driving with the heater on or off my car will run too cold is almost not moving. It just moves like 1 cm from its initial possition.

Is this normal on this car?
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lil red rocket

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Jul 3 11 6:47 PM

sounds like u might have a stuck open thermostat no none at all. when it gets cold here (texas) which isnt very often my car always warms up to around the middle after about 15 to 20 mins

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Jul 3 11 10:02 PM

i had the same problem in my 5 speed. i initially thought it was a stuck open thermostat. but it turns out the spring was weak somehow. everytime i would accelerate or be on the highway, the pressure would build i assume and just push the thermostat open. it wasnt stuck, or broken, just malfunctioning.

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Jul 4 11 12:17 AM

no, theres something wrong with something in there, regardless of the outside temperature the car engine WILL get hot to its normal temp which would be around the middle. u should get that repaired because if byany chance it over heats, u wouldnt notice nd ur cylinder block could crack. this happened to me, my temp sensor wasnt working but i didnt knew so one day my engine over heated, i didnt noticed, nd it broke =/


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Jul 4 11 2:06 AM

My car was also running too cold recently & was causing some other problems along the way. When I first started my car & let it idle the guage would go up till about the quarter mark as soon as I drove off the guage would drop right back down, when I was stopped at a set of lights the car would try & stall & I was using lots of fuel. My thermostat was stuck open & obviously the computer was sensing this & letting more fuel into the system. My car is running much better now

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